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The Journal

This senior session was simply a blast to shoot.  We found great lighting, great backdrops and had great conversation.  Anna you are a stunning senior and I wish you the best in all you do! Here is a glimpse of our evening.

Anna | senior session

It was a great fall evening, a bit on the chilly side, but the weather calmed down right before sunset, as it almost always does on fall evenings.  I had so much fun chatting away the evening and getting to know this senior girl.  In the midst of it all, we captured some great shots, […]

Kaitlyn senior session

If you know this family, I’m sure you can guess how fun this session was to shoot.  It did take some skill though.  Now, if you have kids, you know that flashing peace signs or giving bunny ears is a favorite of little kids everywhere.  Now, Charlie here is a pro at this.  I don’t […]

Larson family session

This blog post was supposed to be highlights from Miss Willow’s fall session.  However, I am not sure that 20 plus photos qualifies it as a “highlight” post.  This little lady is one of my milestones babies.  Milestones, is something I am offering to capture those 3,6,9 and one year old stages.  Milestone sessions have […]

Willow’s fall session

I have to admit, Senior sessions are my absolute favorite!  Meeting this fabulous lady and her mama is exactly what my Tuesday needed.  We ended up with some fantastic photos this session.  This collection is just a small fraction of the photos she received.  Below are my personal favorites from the evening.   Thank you […]

Lexie senior session

I had the privilege of taking this little ones newborn pictures.  This itty bitty baby came to my studio just weighing a mere 6lbs.  So was so tiny that she fit on my little chair, all curled up.  Well, my how she has grown in the past 3 months!  I am so excited that we […]

Isla, 3 months young

This week I spent some time helping on a 4H project.  I forgot how fun it can be to just shoot randomly.  Something I used to do all the time, what actually lead me to having a photography business.  I used to take pictures of plants constantly.  Having a degree as a landscape designer, I […]

A night at the Prairie

I couldn’t ask for a more perfect night to photograph a Bump Session.  Above all, I got to further know a wonderful couple, whose precious baby boy will arrive this fall.  This beautiful and sweet mom to be, will most definitely make the perfect mother.  Can you not just  feel the love between these two?  […]

Moore Bump Session

This session was by far one of my favorites.  The weather was perfect, the lighting was good and the company even better. For a very early spring session, these couldn’t have turned out better.  There are many “different” edits from this session.  I have been playing around with lighter brighter photos.  My typical edits tend […]

The cutest little bump

A lifestyle shoot on the farm.  I took these pictures last summer and never got around to posting them, so in hopes that spring will be here soon, here’s some fun on the farm!!  I had a blast while shooting these boys, they have so much imagination, and spirit.  

Farm life