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I wanted to take a moment to sum up 2017. 

Dani Knoll Photography exploded in 2017.  For that, I am ever so grateful.  However with everything that grows so fast, there are growing pains.  In late fall, I knew that some things just HAD to change.  I could not go on the way things were running.  I was becoming burnt out.  I putting in LOTS of hours trying to make turn arounds, while keeping quality up.  The few free hours left in my week, I spent sleeping and being grumpy at my family.  SO for everyones benefit, big changes in the new year.

Onward to 2018!!  I am taking a little bit of a step back, I will not be offering ALL the services that I was before.  Dani Knoll Photography will be geared toward what I love capturing the most!  I will be specializing in newborns, maternity, child and small family portraiture.  (This means I will be taking only a few family sessions per month for 2018, so please keep that in mind when you are booking, and plan ahead.)  By specializing in these few menu items, I hope to bring you the higher quality of portraiture you are seeking.  I will also be able to offer you far more guidance and more detailed session planning.

How does this effect you?  If you currently have sessions booked for 2018 or have purchased items in 2017 for the upcoming year, it does not effect you at all (other than you will get more of my time and attention.)  For all new clientele, there has been some restructuring of pricing and menu items.  All new prices and session details for 2018  are listed on my website under investment.

Please note – I will no longer be offering senior sessions, wedding coverage or large/extended family sessions.  I feel like I am spread to thin and even though I really love shooting these sessions, they were my least sought after in 2017.  By narrowing down my menu items, I hope to bring you a higher quality of portraiture and service.



I hope to bring back blog posts.  I feel by seeing a blog summary of a session,  you get a feel for what you are ACTUALLY getting when you book a session with me.  Posting one or two sneak peeks of a newborn or cake smash session just doesn’t cut it for me, from a client stand point.  As a client, I want to see what I will be actually getting.  Maybe some behind the scenes/studio shots also?  So you can plan on seeing a newborn session weekly.  I will also throw in some milestones, cake smash and milk bath sessions.. along with some other random ramblings, from time to time.


As always, I am doing continuing education this winter.  Aspiring to bring you the best newborn portraiture I can.  So stay tuned for more fabulous squishy newborn goodness in 2018!!


Thank you to all of my fabulous clients that have made Dani Knoll Photography what it is today!!  I look forward to a stellar 2018 with you all!


In the meantime, enjoy some of these precious images from November and December 2017…….





2018 – Where is Dani Knoll Photography headed?

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  1. Elena says:

    l’m glad to hear that you’ll still be doing what you love, but more importantly that you take time for yourself❤️HNY! Can’t wait to see more of your blog!????????????????

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